Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Few Months Later

Is anyone surprised that my first and only entry was clear back in July? Yeah, that's how I work these days. My philosophy is to never do anything in a timely manner or consistently, so when you actually do accomplish something, everyone will be pleasantly shocked. Smart, huh?
(The only reason my blog is getting updated now is because the girl that helped me create it is here at my house this weekend, and she's basically forcing me to do it. I love her for it, though.)

Let's do a, the rest of summer flew by, the boys started school, we found out baby #4 is due in May, Chan Man started piano lessons, the boys played fall soccer with Daddy Kyle as their coach, Laurie played another season of tennis with "the girls", Mommy took a trip (by herself!) to Florida to visit the fam, Kyle ran the St. George marathon, Chayce turned TWO, Trick-or-Treat mania, Laurie turned 37, Chandler turned 8, Kyle did the SILVERMAN Triathalon (and made it in the paper for finishing 11th!), Chandler was baptized and confirmed, and Laurie continues to get fatter. Wow. That was easy.

Love you all. See you--sometime.

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